Greenologic – Wireless Zigbee Communication

Greenologic International

Greenologic introduces the idea of “Plug & Play Network”. Using a ZigBee wireless network for which the installation and the commissioning is fast, simple and no specific skills are required. Large installations requiring complex cable runs will start to add labour and material expense to new and existing installations. 4Noks wireless Zigbee technology provides an alternative which is reliable, proven and cost-effective. ZB Connection provides high-quality solutions for transforming and replacing devices used in automation systems to transmit information wirelessly. ZigBee technology delivers reliable information transmission without the need of expensive cabling. Elements within the ZB Connection range include Repeaters, Gateways and Bridges Key Features

  • ZigBee technology
  • Standard ModBus interfaces into ZigBee network
  • No ZigBee and RF skills required
  • Quick and low-cost installation
  • Complete family of sensors and actuators
  • Portable handheld diagnostic tool available
  • Client module for OEM devices
  • Third party ModBus devices can be connected




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